We are not yet supplying Dung Beetles, as we want to gather more information on which Dung Beetles are most efficient in different grazing systems. We also want to know a little more about how closely related different Dung Beetle species are across the UK. We're almost there and, when we are, then we'll start supplying!

We are co-organising the third Dung Ecology Meeting with the University of Bristol to promote communication between researchers, agriculturalists, farmers, vets and policy makers with an interest in dung ecology and its contribution to agricultural ecosystems. The meeting will be held at the University of Bristol on 14th-15th April. RSVP required. More information is contained in the poster below.

You can help us with our research! We are running a citizen science project to help us understand the genetic diversity of Dung Beetles across the UK. To find out more, please follow this link.

For Workshops, Talks, Bug Hunts and other Educational/Outreach/Research events, please follow this link to the Dr Beynon's Bug Farm 'What's On' page.