• Hay Festival Green Dragon's Den award for 'Innovation in sustainable business'
  • Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Sustainable Development Fund


“Sustainability is the key word for the future and I believe that the project can help deliver long-term sustainability in the livestock sector.”

Meurig Raymond MBE, FRAgS, NFU President.


“If agriculture is to become more sustainable, farmers must recognise the importance of ecosystem services.  Dung Beetles Direct is an excellent and innovative way of using Nature's mechanisms to improve the sustainability of farming.”

Professor Lord Krebs Kt, MA, DPhil, FRS, FMedSci, Hon DSc, University of Oxford. 2000-2005 Chairman UK Food  Standards Agency, Chairman House of Lords Science & Technology Select Committee, Trustee of the Nuffield  Foundation,  Chairman, UK Science and Technology Honours Committee, Chairman Royal Society's Science Policy  Advisory Group, UK  Climate Change Committee (Chairman of Adaptation Sub-Committee).


“We are very interested future customers”

Rebecca Hosking, Farmer & Permaculture farmer. Rebecca made the 2009 BBC Film ‘A Farm for the Future’ exploring peak oil and climate change in relation to farming.


“Parasite control in livestock is a global constraint to sustainable production. With widespread parasite resistance to current veterinary medicines, we must look for alternative management strategies. Dung Beetles Direct offers a unique and scientifically-sound alternative solution for farmers in the UK and abroad.”


Professor Richard Wall, BSc, MBA, PhD. Veterinary Parasitology & Ecology Research Group, University of Bristol.


“The majority of farmers would not associate worming their livestock to remove parasites with the decline of dung beetle populations. With advice to livestock farmers from Sarah Beynon and the services of Dung Beetles Direct, the health and welfare of livestock, the soil, the environment and the whole ecosystem would benefit.”


Beth Rees, President Welsh Black Cattle Society & cattle farmer.


“Pasture management is the biggest problem faced by horse owners. Dung Beetles Direct offers an innovative solution. I would definitely recommend it to all my clients”


Sara Cave, Natural hoof care practitioner & horse owner.


“I think Dung Beetles Direct is onto something incredibly valuable, especially for those of us who would rather use nature than chemicals.”


Jody Ruysen, Parelli Natural Horsemanship 2* Instructor & horse owner.


“The horse world follows fashion – if you get a well-known rider to endorse Dung Beetles Direct, we will all follow suit.”


Margaret Johns, owner of  Castlemorris Horse Feeds & horse owner .


“I wish you all the best with your business idea.”


Emyr Wyn Jones, President Farmers Union of Wales (FUW).


“The start of all food production is in the soil, and keeping it balanced and healthy relies on many things. Dung beetles are the ‘bin-men’ of the soil, and they play a vital role in recycling nutrients. Having access to native species to boost numbers is an exciting development. ”


Roger Mathias, farmer, winner Royal Welsh Agricultural Society /Countryside Council for Wales Agri-environment award, winner RSPB  Agri-environment Hero, winner FWAG Cymru /National Grid Silver Lapwing award.