Here at Dung Beetles Direct we advise farmers, vets and horse-owners on how to make the most of nutrients contained in dung by looking after Dung Beetles


The aims of Dung Beetles Direct are threefold:

  • To research the importance of Dung Beetles in pasture systems
  • To educate farmers, horse owners and vets about (a) the importance of Dung Beetles and (b) how to look after Dung Beetles
  • To breed UK native Dung Beetles to eventually supply to farmers and horse owners to replenish and top-up populations

Dung Beetles Direct is a business arm of Dr Beynon's Bug Farm, run by entomologist, farmer and TV presenter Dr Sarah Beynon. Sarah has been researching the importance of Dung Beetles in agricultural systems for the last 9 years and is considered an expert on the topic. Her doctoral thesis, which investigated the impact of livestock wormers (anthelmintics) on Dung Beetles and rates of dung decomposition, won the Royal Entomological Society's prestigious Wallace Award for the best entomological thesis written in the English language. She is a Research Associate of the University of Oxford and is to deliver a Plenary Lecture on her work at the Royal Entomological Society's International Symposium in 2015. The research also led her to be nominated for the Royal Agricultural Society and Oxford Farming Conference ‘Practice with Science’ award and the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society Oxford Farming Conference bursary. Sarah has travelled the World during the course of her research on Dung Beetles and advises on the topic at a policy level. She is an active scientist and you can read more about the programme of research at The Bug Farm on the 'Research' web page.

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